An integrated approach to solving your business problems

Diagnostics and
optimization of
your business

- complex analysis of operation activity

- definition of businessindicators and business- process efficiency

- creation of employee motivation system

- crisis management

- business transformation

- evaluation of business worth and how to increase it


- optimization of losses and cash flow

- choice of efficient financial model

- negotiations with banks

- preparation of the company to be able attract investors

- creation the clear structure of the business (management accounting, budgeting, controlling)

- organization of responsibility centers ( losses, income, profit)

- mobilization of investment

- creation of business plan and feasibility study


- Increase of profit

- organization effective teams for purchase and categorical sales

- creation of effective range for commodity policy

- rise of conversions

- increase of service quality of sales team

- decrease losses

- growth of average bill

- decrease of buyers cancellations

and logistics

- analysis of transport and storage activities, its losses and creation of actions for losses drop;

- analysis and optimization of logistic business processes including Warehouse Management System


- diagnostics of HR management system and its consistent, corporate cultural state, determination of optimal HR strategy for your business context, creation staff management systemincluding recruitment and learning

-motivation, internal communications; consulting of managers in staff leading and personal career growth; implementation of service quality standard


- evaluation of promotional activity efficiency

- creation of market positioning concept (brand or commodity)

- increase of loyal customers

- growth of goods satisfaction rate

- maintenance of constant clients

- attraction of the new clients