Drugova Helen


- Graduated in engineering, economics and MBA.

- She has worked with many different companies in a wide variety of industries in many different business stages and situations for more than 15 years. Olena has management experience in Ukrainian and multinational companies.

- Olena is expert in Business Turnaround Consulting, structuring approach to business processes, finance management, as well as strategic and operational management business.

– Management accounting, budgeting, controlling, KPI, employeemotivation, and crisis management.

Drugova Helen

Maksim Au

- He has worked in sales more than 20 years including as well as human recourses and company management.

- He has experience of promotion and developing of his own profitable business; actual skills in successful launching of new product on market during the crises, creation and launching PrivateLabel product.

- Structuring and efficient leading of retail network, wholesale team, e-commerce.

- He is a specialist in building and managing of trade development projects, crisis manager.

Drugova Helen


- He has worked in logistic more than 15 years.

- He has experience in creating and organizing activities of storage complex, to measure and launch new distribution center in A-class storage.

- Oleg launched new storages, organized operations and interaction teams and facilities from reconstruction tumbledown production shop, creation of logistic processes, buying of equipment and machines to the stage of moving of storage during active developing of the company.

- He is an expert in creation and implementation of employee motivation system (as a result - 50% decrease of mistakes) and an expert in storage and transport logistics analysis, its cost and business processes, as well as in improving the processes including Warehouse Management System implementation.

Drugova Helen

Protchenko Sergey

- Graduated from KMBS and Shevchenko University, author of many publications in HR management topic.

- He has worked in HR since 1997 in different leading management positions.

- He has created a lot of effective management decisions in a diverserange of companies.

- His key competence: staff strategy of the company, recruitment of staff, teaching and development of the staff, interior HR, methodology and description of processes.


- Consulting that leads to the exit of the crises and shows the companies perspectives using optimal management strategies operating on legal and profitable basis in EU market environment;

- Consulting that aimed at preparing of SME company to achieve interest of Ukraine owners and investors, creation of the hub for dealing with transformations, investment and finance of business.

next steps

1) Submit your application or write/call us;

2) We discuss basic topics and problems;

3) We present the next stages of the project implementation :

3.1) Diagnostics – analysis of the state of current business processes and business itself.

3.2) The plan of organized changes needs to be accepted by owner.

3.3) Joint implementation of the approved plan.

4) We sign a contract.

5) Launching of the project and achievement of the target.

This path20% consists of understanding what need to be done and 80% consists of particular, reasonable, efficient actions. As the main goal is not just finding this path but as well passing it accurately holding discipline and methodology.

Our presentation.